A Family home at the heart of the attractions

Booking Terms & Conditions

  • A booking between the owner and person making the booking (party leader) is only valid upon receipt of a completed, signed booking form accompanied with the appropriate deposit (see our rates page for deposit amount).
  • The signing of the booking form by the party leader confirms acceptance by you on behalf of all persons intending to occupy our home as listed on your booking form of the terms and conditions set out below.
  • Under U.S law all members of the travelling party must be named / included on the booking form. We must be notified by the party leader prior to your arrival date in our home if there are any alterations to the original party member’s names by fax, letter or e-mail.
  • We strongly advise at the time of booking you also take out adequate travel insurance for all travelling members of your party which also includes cancellation cover for any event.
Rental Period
The rental period begins at 4pm on the pre-booked arrival date and ends at 11am prompt on the pre-booked departure date.
Licensing & Occupancy
  • Orlando Dream is registered and fully licensed with the Florida State and Osceola County Authorities and is maintained in full compliance with all relevant legalisation.
  • Maximum Occupancy permitted is 8 persons, this limit includes all infants in cribs.
  • Only those persons named on the booking form are permitted to stay for all / part of the rental period booked. Any persons found occupying the home and are not listed on the booking form will be asked to leave by the Management Company
If you cancel your booking, it must be done in writing and signed by the same person shown as the party leader on the booking form. Cancellation charges are as follows;
  • If the party leader cancels after the booking has been confirmed, but before the 12 week final payment date issued on the booking confirmation letter the booking deposit will be fortified.
  • Cancellation at any time from the 12 week final balance payment date shown on the booking confirmation letter you will be liable for 100% of the rental charges.
  • If the party leader fails to pay the balance at the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.
We strongly advise at the time of booking you also take out adequate travel insurance for all travelling members of your party which also includes cancellation cover for any event.
Cancellation By The Owner
In the unlikely event of circumstances beyond our control which necessitate us to cancel a reservation, we will repay all monies paid by you in respect of the reservation of the home only. We will do everything within our means to find a suitable alternative accommodation of similar standard to relocate your booking. However, we accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any alternate accommodation.
Security Deposit
A security deposit of £200/$300 must be paid prior to your arrival in our home by you regardless of the length of your stay. This is collected at the time of the final balance payment. This is to cover any possible damage / loss / excessive cleaning to our property that is incurred during your rental period. Any such occurrence during your stay must be reported immediately to our management company in Florida. We reserve the right to use either part/full amount of the security deposit to recover our losses. If the damage/loss exceeds this amount you will be liable for additional costs and we reserve the right to pursue you for any such additional amount. In the event of any charges been made, you will be notified in writing.
On confirmation from the management company that no loss / damage has occurred during your stay, we will refund you the total security deposit which will be paid within 4 weeks of your departure from our villa.
Travel Insurance
We strongly advise at the time of booking you also take out adequate travel insurance for all travelling members of your party which also includes cancellation cover for any event.
We the owners and our agents do not accept any responsibility or liability for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects however caused.
We cannot accept liability for acts of omissions, or changes to third parties such as airlines, car hire companies etc. We do not accept any responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of loss, damage or changes caused by Force Majeure events (e.g., natural disasters, closure of airports, war or threat of war, weather conditions, terrorist activity, fires, and floods or any other event beyond or control)
Whilst we cannot accept responsibility for the sudden failure of any equipment in our home, we and our agents will endeavour to take immediate reasonable action to rectify any such failure upon notification by you.
Swimming Pool & Spa Safety & Heat
The swimming pool and separate spa/hot tub is used entirely at your own risk. The owners and their agents accept no liability for any pool / poolside or spa injuries however caused. Under no circumstances should the pool door alarms be turned off.
All guests should read in full both the pool and spa safety instructions which are located in the villa instruction folder within the home.
NO diving is allowed in the pool and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
If the electric pool or spa heating is required, this may be requested at the time of booking and paid for with the final balance. If whilst occupying our villa and you require the electric pool heating or spa heating to be turned on, this will charged at the local rate + call out fee. If the electric pool heat is requested and paid for, we cannot guarantee the exact temperature of the pool as this will vary according to several factors.
Code of Conduct
Lindfields is a mixed residential / vacation community. The actions of all members of your party should not interfere with the enjoyment of either other holidaymakers or the residents of Lindfields.. Please do not use the swimming pool, play loud music or engage in any activity which may cause inconvenience to your neighbors either late at night or early mornings. In the event that any member of your party behaves in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any other holidaymakers or resident of Lindfields or damage to any property, we, or our vacation home manager, reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement immediately and forthwith. We will not be liable for any costs you will incur, nor shall we pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action
To keep our villa both odour and pet allergy free for our guests, unfortunately we are unable to permit pets of any kind no matter how well behaved. Should a pet be found within our home you will be charged for a deep clean of the entire home, inclusive of all carpets / bedding. Our home and garden areas will be checked and you will be liable for any costs incurred for any such damage/cleaning caused by your pet.
In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with our home, in the first instance you must contact our local management company who will be able to assist you. They will endeavour to rectify any matter arising as soon as practically possible. Should a problem remain unresolved the owners should be notified immediately.
Please Note: Our villa operates a no smoking policy – If our management company discover evidence of smoking within the home, this will be taken into account when assessing your security deposit refund. Smoking is permitted around the pool deck and garden areas. Your co-operation is very much appreciated in this matter.
All information supplied on our website www.orlandodream.com and all subsequent websites where our home is advertised is deemed correct to the best of our knowledge. Every effort has been made to ensure accurate descriptions of our home and its facilities. All information supplied is provided for guidance purposes.
All information supplied is provided for guidance purposes.
Orlando Dream Villa: www.orlandodream.com, Telephone/Fax : +44 [0]1709 877367, Email : info@orlandodream.com